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  • Our pimples cream helps to reduce the pimples and darkspots.
  • Aloeveragel helps to reduce the pimples and brighten the skintone
  • Facepack helps to control the oilness in face and helps to brighten the skin tone.



STEP 1: Apply Virajaa pimples cream as a fairness cream on morning and evening

STEP 2: At Night apply the cream only on the pimples with a huge amount .

Step 3: Weekly twice or thrice mix 1Tsp of Virajaa aloe vera gel with 1 TSP of Virajaa facepack and apply on the face leave it for 5-10 min then wash with water not with soap. Then apply the pimples cream.

Step 3: Persistent usages is important to feel the difference.

Step 4: Within 5-6 weeks you can feel the difference.

Step5: Results may vary from person to person according to their Skin type so persistent is important .

Step6: Below age 30 can feel the difference within 5-6 weeks

Above 30 age can feel difference within 3-4 months .



Pimples kit

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