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Are you worrying about Pigmentation (Mangu) and darkspots??

No more worries. Use our pigmentation kit, It helps Remove dark spots, pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation and blemishes  and Get a clear & flawless complexion within weeks



Usage :

1. Pigmentation cream needs to use morning, Evening and night , morning and evening use as a normal cream 

2. At night apply the cream only on dark spots and pigmentation and massage well. 

3. Weekly twice scrub your face and neck with almond scrub for 2 -5 minutes and leave it for 5 minutes and wash the face with water

 4. then apply the face pack and let it dry for 5-10 min and wash the face with water, not with it soap. 

5. then apply the pigmentation cream. 

6. only weekly twice or thrice apply the scrub and face pack


1. Take the required amount of face pack powder and mix with rose water (for oily skin) 
2. if you have pimples mix it with Virajaa aloe vera gel 
3. Mix with curd or raw milk (for normal to dry skin)
4. Mix the face pack with normal water 
For dry skin can apply the face pack for 5 minutes, for oily skin & combination skin can apply it for 5-10 minutes

Pigmentation Kit (Dark spots kit & Melasma kit) Normal & combination skin type

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